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At SEO Copilot, we believe that your website`s on-page SEO aspects should be handled automatically. Indexing, Content Pruning, Meta Tag Generation, Image Seo should be done for you.

Without great on-page, spending more money on backlinks and writing yet another blog post will not move the needle.

Far too long, on-page SEO has been neglected or left to the super nerds like us.

The SEO Copilot is the first tool that makes on-page SEO easy and accessible to everyone. We optimise your website`s on-page - week for week.

We give your content and website the views it deserves.

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Focusing on SEO is one of our main strategies for Podsqueeze and I have to be honest we were struggling...

It was not cheap but so far it seems that the investment is paying off.
Tiago Ferreira
Co-Founder @ Podsqueeze
Founder @ Wannabe Entrepreneur